Agile, Global, and Independent.

Hamburg Consulting is a highly experienced and specialized aviation consulting company, with offices in Hamburg, Lucerne and Amman.

We bring deep domain expertise and hands-on collaboration to clients across commercial and technical disciplines. Our consultants bring a wealth of insight and proprietary data, collaborate on-site with senior management, and consistently meet challenging deadlines.


  • Aircraft maintenance, completion and refurbishment support
  • MRO and Completion process optimization
  • Configuration control optimization and setup
  • Supply chain management concepts
  • EASA 21J, 21G and 145er structure and design concepts
  • Strategic partnership evaluation
  • Power by the hour (PBH) concepts
  • Mobile MRO and predictive MRO concepts
  • Non destructive testing and smart repair concepts
  • Digital MRO and aircraft health monitoring concepts

2. MRO After Market

Strategy And Business Plan Development

  • MRO feasibility studies
  • MRO start-up business planning
  • Competitive positioning
  • Growth strategy development

Operations Improvement And Performance Benchmarking

  • Qualitative enterprise assessment
  • Action plan implementation support


  • Consulting, training and setup of QM-Systems according EN / AS 9100:2016 series
  • Supporting regulatory Approval processes acc. to EASA Part 21 and EASA Part 145
  • Achieving ETSO Approvals minor design changes
  • Implementation of NATO Requirements acc. to AQAP 2110 and AQAP 2310
  • Human Factors Trainings
  • Audit Services with certified Aerospace Auditors